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Menu at 28.00 €: Drink included and cheese

Menu at 26.00 €: Drinks included, without cheese

Menu at 22.00 €: Without drinks with cheese

Menu at 20.00 €: Without drinks and cheese


This service is valid from 20 people

The menu chosen applies to the whole group (except vegetarians and allergic)

Any reservation not canceled 5 days before the scheduled date will be charged


The entrance

Landes salad
(Salad, egg, tomato, gizzards, magret)
Terrine of St Jacques, Lemon Sauce
Sologne pastry on salad


The dish

Escalope of Salmon Fresh with ertragon, rice pilaf, julienne of leeks
Poultry Supreme, Sauce Forestière, Alsatian apple, green H
For roast filet porto sauce, tomato Provençale and Gratin Dauphinois


The Plate of 2 Cheeses



Crunchy with three chocolates, custard
Tart Tatin es vanilla ice cream
Frozen Nougat and Raspberry Coulis


Beverages: 1 Kir Vin blanc with Amuse-Bouche, 1/4 win for 1, water, 1 coffee

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